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Victorious PR is an award-winning Full-Service PR firm that empowers impactful leaders and businesses to be seen and heard to have a greater influence on the world. It focuses on delivering excellent national, regional, and locally targeted campaigns for a wide variety of clients.

Victorious PR was established with the vision to become a disruptive and industry-leading PR business. The company provides 360° campaigns that promote clients as thought leaders in their respective industries. Aside from publications, the agency secures a true foundation of press from a variety of mediums including audio, visual, and physical events. With valuable content, Victorious PR helps their clients reach the targeted group and be the number-one authority in their niches.

We help businesses be seen as the

#1 Authority in their niche.

Victorious PR is a global agency working across fields to build brands that attract, brands that offer a unique position and brands that effect real change in the world.


We Create
Industry Leaders

Want to get published in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, NBC, and many more? Or you prefer speaking as a guest on podcast?

Victorious PR is a team of expert with Victoria Kennedy, founder, leading the way and getting you published in, well… everywhere.

Our goal is to tell your story. We want the whole world to hear about it! Hard work and open communication, with a bit of planning is how we get our clients in all major publications.

What my Program Does for You:

Instant Authority and be seen as an Industry Leader

Makes you the Category King/Queen of your Field

Be able to charge more because of your credibility

Be exposed to bigger audiences by speaking on top podcasts!

Work With Me

Our work follows three stages: defining the brand strategy content for media with the client, developing the content with our excellent team of writers and brand strategists and finally activating the campaign by promoting our client’s work to the media (including online, print and broadcast), focusing on the specific story angles and media niches the client is part of or interested in connecting with.

Real Estate

Although the real estate mantra is “location, location, location,” we’re all about “public relations, public relations, public relations.” What good is a great location’s availability, if no one knows about it?


Skyrocket Your Startup and Get Noticed By Investors


Be the Category King: gain visibility to earn credibility as the number one authority in the fastest-growing niche in the world.


No matter what stage of business you’re in, know that your story matters. We put you in the forefront to get the right notoriety you deserve.



We are so honored to do good work for our clients, not just in the Las Vegas market, but worldwide.

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The human body is made up entirely of cells that are the building blocks to everything in the body. Dr, Bill Cole shares how to fix ourselves.

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Learn More About PR

What is PR?

Public Relations is often shortened to PR. It refers to the way organizations and businesses communicate with the public and the press in order to build mutually beneficial relationships with both.

How Can PR Help You Become An Industry Leader In Your Field

Over the past couple of years, the mortgage, real estate, and solar industries have seen massive momentum and growth.

Does PR Help Build Brand Credibility?

In today’s world, every individual, business, or organization understands just how important it is to be seen as a credible authority in your respective industry.

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Be the Authority in your business.

Hire Victoria Kennedy &
Her Team

Be the Authority in your business.