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Early Life

While most of my friends were taking selfies, hanging out at the mall, and daydreaming about their crushes, I had something else on my mind: becoming a nun.

It’s okay, you can chuckle. In my defense, I thought cloistered life was going to be exactly like what Hollywood made it out to be. I thought I’d be running through fields singing songs from The Sound of Music. But Maria von Trapp I was not, and when I returned home after a couple of months, I decided that it was time to reinvent myself.

After all, as I had learned, living out my dreams wasn’t about what I wanted – it was about what I could will myself to do.

My Reinvented Career

While I wasn’t skipping through picturesque fields singing about how the hills are alive with music at a convent,
I knew there was one career path that would enable me to use my voice: that of a professional opera singer. With my newfound will to live out my dreams, I began to strategize ways to earn scholarships to afford an education at a top music conservatory.

I entered a local beauty pageant with my eyes on the prize of enough scholarship money to pursue my dream school, and when I emerged victorious (pun intended), I was thrilled!

After attending the University of Southern California, I spent years singing in castles and cathedrals worldwide. I performed with legendary tenor Andrea Bocelli and had a #1 hit single on the classical charts in Europe. I was living my dream…

Until it all came crashing down.

The New Plan B

When the government refused to renew my visa, my dream life came screeching to a halt. I had to return to America and figure out what my new plan B was going to be.

While most people would wallow in self-pity and uncertainty, I knew better. After all, I went from nun to award-winning pageant queen in under a year. I could certainly tackle this next challenge – and do it in style.

As a performer, I knew firsthand the amount of power good public relations has when it comes to building a career. My acclaim and success as an opera singer wasn’t just from my talent, but also from all the time I invested into learning the ins and outs of public relations and figuring out how to leverage my name for my own success. So as I pondered what to do next, the answer became clear: I would put my PR know-how to work for others as well as for myself, by starting my million-dollar business, Victorious PR.


Continuing to follow my passions was the natural next step for me, despite not being totally sure how they would all fit together. After all, if performing on some of the world’s largest stages didn’t scare me, nothing will! I began to seek our journalist and contributor opportunities to the top publications in the world, and regularly contribute to the likes of Forbes, Rolling Stone, Cointelegraph, Coin CheckUp, Coin Speaker, and more.

My singing came naturally to me from a young age. Becoming a journalist was born out of my relentless drive to use my skills as a storyteller. From writing children’s books, composing songs, or educating the public on Web3, what connects them all is my love of stories and desire to share the stories of others with the world. I now spend my days empowering others by telling their stories.

#1 Selling Soprano

Now, I am thrilled to have a perfect marriage between my classical crossover career and my legacy as a Web3 and crypto journalist. My first performance following Covid-19 was at Million Dollar Mastermind in Dallas, in front of over 3,000 guests.

It was exhilarating to be back on stage. Singing is where my soul gets its energy from, and singing on stage has always been one of my favorite feelings. Since that performance in June, I have been asked to and performed at Guildhall in London, the UK House of Commons, and even The Vatican, while covering the events as a journalist in kind. Typing that still doesn’t seem real, it is like a fairytale.

I released my latest single, a classical crossover rendition of the beloved aria, “O Mio Babbino Caro,” in August — and it made NUMBER ONE on the iTunes Classical Charts in just 24 hours! I was honored to perform the same while at The World Changers Summit at The Vatican in 2023.

My passion for the stage and for singing has never left me. The best is yet to come, and I can’t wait for what the future will bring.

Classical Music

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