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Victoria Kennedy

Victoria has embarked on international tours, gracing prestigious venues like Opera Las Vegas and the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Her debut album, “My Own Way,” garnered significant success in the US, UK, Germany, and across the globe. By seamlessly blending classical and pop genres, Victoria delivers extraordinary concerts that have garnered praise from industry luminaries. Renee Fleming herself commended her creativity, expressing the need for more women composers.

Victoria had the privilege of showcasing her vocal talents at esteemed venues around the world. She captivated audiences with her performances at Guildhall in London and the UK House of Commons during the Global Wealth Conference. Additionally, she had the magnificent opportunity to sing at The Vatican in the Pontifical Academy of Sciences for the World Changers Summit. Her enchanting voice left a lasting impression on attendees at these prestigious events, further cementing her reputation as a remarkable and globally-recognized artist.

Her rendition of “O Mio Babbino Caro” soared to the top spot on the iTunes Classical Charts a mere 24 hours after release. She is frequently invited to perform at events worldwide, including notable occasions like Million Dollar Mastermind in Dallas and the opening of Forbes Netherlands in Europe.

After opening for Enrique Iglesias at the House of Blues, Victoria had the honor of singing alongside Andrea Bocelli in Las Vegas. Renowned opera singer Renee Fleming applauded her talents, and she has been featured on radio stations spanning from the USA to Australia.

Victoria was praised as “singing magic” by The Las Vegas Seven Magazine, while the Las Vegas Review Journal commended her musicality, stating that she flawlessly expressed herself through both her voice and character. She achieved the top position as a Classical Artist in The Netherlands and held the title of the #1 Global Classical artist on ReverbNation. Her single, “Your Time,” reached the #1 spot on the iTunes Classical Chart in The Netherlands and secured the #2 position in the UK. The song also charted in the US and Australia.

Victoria has been honored as Female Vocalist of the Year at the Kern County’s Most Talented Singer competition, Bakersfield’s Idol, and Best in Classipop at the Best New Talent Awards. She has also won two Talent Awards at Miss California and held the titles of Miss San Fernando Valley and Miss Palm Springs.

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Victoria writes for Cointelegraph, Bitcoin Insider, Coinspeaker, Crypto Reporter, and Coin CheckUp. She has been part of the crypto community since 2017 and today she works as an advisor for successful crypto projects. She regularly speaks and covers global crypto events, such as moderating the Web3 & Crypto panel at the European Family Office Summit at Lake Como.


Victoria has spoken at many high-profile events with dignitaries, Nobel Peace Prize winners, and HNWIs in the audience, such as the European Family Office Summit at Lake Como and the Global Wealth Conference in London. She is frequent guest on top podcasts for her branding and authority-building credibility and the TEDx stage. Invitations to speak come from well-known leaders in the finance and crypto worlds, and she welcomes further invitations to continue speaking around the world.

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Bao Le CEO of Baoss Digital

“If your clients don’t know you, they aren’t going to trust you and Victoria has helped me overcome that and so much more. She got me on Yahoo! Finance and it absolutely blew my mind! I’ve been over the moon with the quality of work.”


“We’ve been getting flooded with a bunch of calls over the past couple of weeks. Literally again, people scheduling on our calendar just from reading about us in these different articles and things like that. We’ve been closing clients left and right. Just from people that have been coming from the PR stuff. Thanks so much, Victoria.”

Shauna Wekherlien Tax Goddess

“One of the things that I really liked about it was their guaranteed work like, guaranteed placements, guaranteed work, that was a big deal for us. We guarantee our work that’s why I really like working with somebody who guarantees their work.”

Luke Shankula CEO of Paragon Digital Marketing

“She has helped us be published in over 100 publications in under 60 days of working with her. She also got me as a contributor to National Mortgage News which is one of the TOP mortgage publications in the nation. I highly recommend working with her. Her team has been amazing and she really understands how we want to brand and how we are looking to grow. I’ve already seen a lift of people coming TO us having seen us in some of these publications.”

Galen Hair CEO of Insurance Claim HQ

“Since we started working with Victoria and her entire team, our business began to grow like crazy, and that’s not even because of all of the marketing stuff we do. A lot of it’s just because of the name recognition we’ve gotten.”

Katerina Rothman Founder of Beflax Natural Linen

“I had such a great time working with Victoria and her team. It’s amazing what kind of press they got me from Forbes and Yahoo Finance to all the podcasts with the leaders of the industry and I just cannot be happier with the results. Thank you so much you’ve outdone yourself and I just can’t be happier thank you.”